Oh Yes! Photography

My name is HELEN.

I am in my mid-30s, and I am a wife and mama of 2 super cute baby girls. We made them from scratch. I am your resident boutique boudoir and fine arts photographer here at Oh Yes! Photography.

Oh Yes! symbolizes a space for transformation. We often pause (“Oh”) before we take our dive into destiny (“Yes!”). Choosing a boudoir photographer is a leap. A jump. It is a great dare fully recognized because you’re choosing to bare not just your outer self, but your inner self in the process. Each woman learns something new about herself during the process of having art created in her image.

So. Take the leap. Pause, and plunge. Say, “OH YES!” to a transforming, photographic adventure while I create art out of you.

My name is HELEN. May I take your picture?

Currently photographing beautiful people all over the Greater Vancouver area, B.C.

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